Cameras to be installed to curb illegal dumping

A NIGHTMARE might be about to come to an end for a Listowel family who are at their wit's end over illegal dumping virtually on their doorstep.

CCTV cameras are finally being installed to monitor illegal dumping on the Dirha Bog on the outskirts of Listowel. It is welcome news for the local community but especially for Kathleen Nolan and her family who have campaigned for the cameras for years.

Illegal dumpers have abandoned everything from old suites of furniture to rubble and even animal carcasses in the area under cover of darkness, leaving Kathleen and her family to clean up after them. The family has even had to hire workers to clean the area.

However, the authorities are now installing CCTV cameras and "the next person who dumps anything will be caught and will face hefty fines on prosecution," Listowel Town Councillor Mike Kennelly vowed.

Cllr Kennelly has been advocating for the family for some time and secured council committment to address the issue in recent weeks.

"Like Kathleen and her family I'm delighted to finally see the CCTV system going up in the Dirha Bog. What people have been doing there was absolutely disgusting, an utter disgrace, and the residents of the road, including the Nolans, are at the limit of their patience over it all."

Residents of the area will be taking part in a clean-up operation in tandem with the erection of the CCTV on Saturday next, April 5, at 11am.

People Before Profit local elections candidate Brian Finucane who has also supported residents' pleas in recent months said he was delighted to learn their ordeal might finally be coming to an end.

"People down there are actually suffering as a result of this disgraceful dumping and being forced to clean up other people's rubbish. Nobody should have to tolerate anything like what they've been putting up with," he said.


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