Businesses advised of council billing changes

BUSINESSES across Kerry are advised to prepare for some sweeping changes following the abolition of Kerry's three town councils next year.

Tralee, Killarney and Listowel town councils will all be abolished after next May's local elections with their current responsibilities transferring to an enlarged and substantially altered Kerry County Council.

Aside from far reaching changes to Kerry's business rates system, which will see the gradual introduction of a single unified rate across the entire county, businesses that provide goods or services to the three existing town councils can expect to deal with significant changes.

While the exact details, requirements and implications of the new council system are still being worked out by a team at Kerry County Council it is known that existing payment systems used by the four authorities will be completely altered.

At present each authority operates using separate bank accounts in a number of different banks. Once the town councils are abolished all council finances, including payments to suppliers, will be managed though a single bank and single account.

This is expected to lead to a situation whereby regular payments and standing orders payable to some council suppliers will be made on different dates than is currently the practice. This could potentially lead to cashflow issues for some companies and suppliers.

In addition companies will also have to prepare for changes to where these payments come from.

For example, a company billing Listowel Town Council for goods or services in late May 2014 will actually be paid by Kerry County Council in June, a situation which will create implications for the subsequent preparation of accounts and tax returns.

Kerry County Council and the three town councils are advising businesses to be aware of the impending changes and as more information is made available they will be contacting all interested parties to brief them on any potential areas of difficulty.


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