Bríd is fundraiser teacher of the year

The head of aid agency Concern praised a Kerry teacher this week as a 'powerhouse of action' for the poor of the world as the charity named her its Fundraising Teacher of the Year.

Tarbert Comprehensive teacher Bríd Carroll was the toast of the charity and her school this week as her extraordinary work over three decades became very clear indeed.

For Bríd has helped raise almost €220,000 for people living in extreme poverty around the world , helped by a couple of generations of students and her school in turn.

Concern chief executive Dominic MacSorley described Bríd as a 'powerhouse of action' in leading tributes to the Tarbert teacher at the awards ceremony.

Bríd explained she began campaiging over 30 years ago to help the poor, but to inspire her young students as well. "I have a super network of students, colleagues and members of the community who all get involved with church collections and other fundraising activities and are they always very willing to do what they can," she said.

"It is important to give young people the chance to do positive things like this and they always step up and the community also benefits hugely from it. It is good to challenge young people and give them the opportunity to express their concern for their fellow human beings and injustice in a practical way."

Bríd said the support of the Tarbert community is always extraordinary; with one elderly woman always donating €50 for any collection - even getting others to deliver her donation if housebound.

And Ms Carroll knows how far the money goes first hand'. She said she was 'fortunate enough' to see for herself the work Concern does when she and two students visited Tanzania in 2004 and then again to see the same development programmes in 2015.

"I really saw huge development in Tanzania since my first visit there at the same programmes we saw over ten years previously. It was very powerful to be able to come back and explain to people what we saw and to say that what we do does indeed make a huge difference."