Boy's recovery from horror accident hailed as miracle

Dnal Nolan

A YOUNG Fenit boy who nearly died following an accident on his scooter in recent weeks has made what has been described as a 'miraculous' recovery.

Little Ksawier Skwira, a first-class pupil at St Brendan's National School in Fenit, sustained serious head injuries in a fall from his scooter in Fenit some weeks ago. He was travelling down a hill on the scooter when he fell off and suffered a severe head injury. His mother also sustained injuries, albeit far less seriously, as she rushed to his aid at the time.

Rushed to Kerry General Hospital, Ksawier was transferred to Beaumont Hospital in Dublin when it became apparent that his injuries required immediate specialist care.

It is understood the six-year-old sustained bleeding on the brain as a result of the accident. Ksawier's father, Jack, said his son's prognosis was 'touch and go' in the immediate aftermath of the horrific accident.

This week, however, his parents are celebrating his miraculous recovery and are thanking the local community of Spa/Fenit for their support throughout their ordeal as well as the medics at Kerry General and Beaumont for saving their son's life.

Community support culminated in a special Mass for the brave little fighter at Churchill Church, celebrated by Fr Eamonn Mulvihill and Fr Gearóid O Donnchadha.

"We have continued to pray since the incident and Ksawier has made what doctors described as 'an unprecedented recovery, given the severity of the injuries'," Jacinta Lawlor of St Brendan's NS said.

Now, the community is rallying to the family's side once again in a fundraiser to help them cover the cost of his medical treatment. The family are travelling on an almost-daily basis to Beaumont at present as the medical team charged with Ksawier's care there continue to monitor his progress.

Doctors in Beaumont described Ksawier's recovery as 'unprecedented' and said it has been taken as nothing short of miraculous by the people of his parish - who are deeply thankful their prayers for Ksawier were answered.

A cake and book sale will be held at Ksawier's school of St Brendan's NS on next Sunday, September 29, from 9am until 1pm. "All donations of books and cakes will be gratefully received," Jacinta Lawlor said.


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