Bishop: saddened and shamed by revelations

Bishop of Kerry Bill Murphy:
Bishop of Kerry Bill Murphy: "I am saddened and shamed by the catalogue of crimes".

I welcome the publication of the Report of the Commission to Inquire into Child Abuse by Judge Sean Ryan At the same time I am saddened and shamed by the catalogue of crimes, the acts of cruelty, the suffering, and the physical, sexual and emotional abuse inflicted on children in religious run institutions, two of them in our own Diocese.

I am particularly saddened that all this abuse was carried out by men and women who had dedicated their lives to following the example and teaching of Jesus Christ, the Good Shepherd This was a terrible breach of trust. Children are a central part of our mission and ministry Every child is made in the image and likeness of God and has a right to he heard, nurtured and protected in a safe and loving way.

For far too long the victims of abuse were not listened to or believed They have now at last been heard and their sad story has been told We must admire the courage of the victims who have thrown light on this dark period of our history. I hope and pray that this will bring justice and healing and reconciliation.

Lessons must be learned from this report The recommendations of the Report must be fully implemented The state must resource its social services adequately in order to protect children who are in danger of abuse The Church – Dioceses and Religious Congregations – must be continually vigilant and do all in their power to create safe environments for children and young people.

The Diocese of Kerry is fully committed to safeguarding children and young people and has put in place policies, procedures and personnel in every parish to see to it that they are cared for as they participate in the various Church activities in their parish."