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BIM man holds out no hope

CHIEF Executive of Killybegs Fishermens Organisation (KFO) Seán O'Donoghue, who is also a member of the BIM board, said this week he holds out no hope for saving the Dingle ice plant.

"Basically, ice plants are uneconomic and demand for ice has gone down hugely in recent years. We have an ice plant here in Killybegs but the smallest amount of ice going out of any plant in Ireland is going out of here because all the vessels have installed their own ice making facilities on board and that will be the case in Dingle as well. I know that BIM have been in touch with the vessel owners about getting them geared up for this," the Glenflesk man told The Kerryman.

"You would put in a plant on a vessel for between €20,000 and €30,000. The community or a co-op can run a small ice plant, with low overheads, for the local small vessels and can produce up to two tons of ice a day. My personal view is that the Dingle ice plant will close," he said.

Local politicians and the Dingle Business Chamber have appealed to Minister Coveney to extend the closure deadline to allow further time to put alternative plans in place.