Baily's repairs continue as road remains closed

Simon Brouder

Castle Street is expected to remain closed to traffic for several more days as works to secure and stabilise the facade of the Baily's Corner pub premises.

Serious concerns about the structural integrity of the building's facade emerged after planned and approved renovation works began on Saturday July 6.

The works were halted and, following consultation with gardaí, Kerry County Council decided to close part of the road to traffic in the interest of public safety.

On Tuesday Kerry County Council confirmed that the section of Castle Street in front of the building is likely to remain closed to traffic for several more days.

It will not reopen to traffic "until the council is satisfied that there is no risk to public safety from the building in question".

Once the stabilisation work is completed by the builders it will be assessed by council engineers and only then will a decision be made on reopening the street to traffic.

While the time-frame remains uncertain it is hoped the road can be reopened to traffic within the next week.

Works to stabilise the front of the 250-year-old building are ongoing with significant progress made in recent days.

On Wednesday morning a crane was due to be moved onto the site to aid in the installation of heavy support joists which will be a key step in stabilising the building's facade.

While the interior of the pub building is structurally sound the popular bar remains closed as the ongoing works mean the premises does not have adequate fire exits to meet safety requirements.

The pub must remain shut until suitable frontal access is restored.