Appeal to help Puck with rising costs

Sinead Kelleher

Rising insurance costs for Puck Fair has led to a public appeal for funds to ensure the continued future of the three day event which has been part and parcel of summer in Kerry for hundreds of years.

With just four weeks to go until thousands of revellers descend on Killorglin,  preparations are now being put place for the three day event.

The launch, which took place on Saturday last at Kingston's Bar, kick-started what is set to be a busy month for all involved. However, for the first time ever organisers have been forced to seek support for the festival due to rising insurance costs. 

The Puck Fair voluntary committee have launched a GoFundMe drive, appealing to members of the public and festival goers to open the purse strings to aid the continuation of this long-held Irish tradition.

"It got to a point this year where we had to re-evaluate our plan of action in terms of funding such a large-scale event with a very modest budget," said Chairman of the Puck Fair committee, Declan Falvey.  

"We pride ourselves on providing the public with an event that is free of charge; free entry, free entertainment - you name it. But with running costs rising across the board, we had to come up with a Plan B. When the idea of a GoFundMe campaign was suggested it seemed like a no brainer."

In another break from convention this year, the Cattle Fair - typically held on day two of Puck Fair - will now take place on Monday, August 12 to facilitate an old Charter, which outlines that when the August 11 falls on a Sunday, the Cattle Fair will instead be held on the following day.

Aside from this, festival goers can expect the usual excitement and eccentricity that only Puck Fair can offer.

The Go Fund me page can be found at and details of the fair at