Apology for jam packed Tralee train

Irish Rail sorry passengers had to travel on crowded carriages

Simon Brouder

Irish Rail has issued an apology to train passengers - including several senior citizens - who were left standing all the way from Mallow to Tralee on Sunday.

The problem arose when the normal four-carriage train that usually operates the service on the line broke down.

The only available replacement was a two-carriage train which didn't have enough room to comfortably cater for the large number of passengers that had transferred from the Dublin Cork train.

The two-carriage train was packed to capacity and while many seats were given up to older commuters, several were still forced to stand - or sit on the bags - all the way from Mallow to Tralee.

A number of passengers on the train contacted The Kerryman to voice their frustration over the experience.

"A train broke down, I can understand that. But rather than cramming everyone into two carriages they should have organised a bus transfer. There were pensioners jammed onto the train and that's not right," said Máirtín Daly from Killarney.

Irish Rail said that because the Mallow - Tralee route is a commuter style service and there is no ability to reserve seats there is no automatic right to compensation for passengers.

However, Irish Rail - who apologised for the situation - said customers who were affected by the issues on the Tralee - Mallow line on Sunday can contact the company and explain their grievances. Their cases will be dealt with on an individual, basis.


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