Anti bank bailout campaigner O'Gorman running in elections

A FOUNDER member of the Tralee Says No anti bank bailout campaign has declared he be standing as an independent candidate in the Listowel Electoral Area at the local elections in May.

Michael O'Gorman, a stonemason and married father of two from Bedford, Listowel is also a founder of the Kerry Save Our Woods environmental campaign.

Mr O'Gorman, who is not allied to any political party, said he had decided to run for election as he has lost faith in Ireland's existing political parties.

"I am running in the local elections as an independent because I have lost hope in all political parties. I don't think they represent the feelings of the people on the ground. In the last six years we have gone from one crisis to the next," he said.

"Fianna Fail left the country like a wrecked ship that was smashed up onto the rocks of the Troika. Fine Gael and Labour promised new politics but we now have a more right wing and centralised government than ever before," said Mr O'Gorman.

"I keep hearing we have turned the corner.

"We have turned the corner so many times now that we should be back to where we started."

"I for one can't stand by and watch the destruction of Ireland and especially Rural Ireland. I will stand as an independent in North Kerry and if elected I will then answer to the people of North Kerry and not to a political party in Dublin," he said.


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