Andrijana is a happy Camper

THERE were celebrations in Camp this week following a local woman's big win on the National Lottery's Winning Streak TV game show over the weekend.

Andrijana McCormack from Glendine in Camp won a cool €133,000 on the game show on Saturday.

Andrijana is originally from Dubrovnik, Croatia, but has lived in Kerry since 2009. She and husband Joey McCormack they have two daughters, three-year-old Mya Faye and Matea who will be two years old in May.

"I love living in Camp, it is a wonderful unspoilt spot to raise a family and the local community is very close and supportive," she said.

Andrijana said it was actually her husband Joey who bought the scratch card in O'Dwyers shop in Camp that earned her a place on the game show. Joey doesn't consider himself to be very luck - or at least he didn't up to this - so Andrijana's name went on the winning ticket.

"I had a holy medal on the show for luck but I think I am quite a lucky person," said Adrijana. "I'm very lucky to have such a great husband and two lovely children."

As for what to do with the Lotto loot, first up is to take care of a few outstanding bills and after that it's holidays with the family.

Adrijana visits Croatia every summer and her parents have come over to Kerry on several occasions.

Now Andrijana is planning to use some of her winnings to bring the entire family to Croatia for a holiday.


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