AHAR in €130k tax settlement

Simon Brouder

Defunct animal rescue charity Animal Heaven Animal Rescue (AHAR) has reached a settlement with Revenue over its outstanding taxes.

In March it was announced that the Crag, Castleisland based charity was to be wound  down at the direction of Revenue after it reported 'significant non-compliance' with the charity's tax obligations. At the time AHAR Chairman David Hall said it had been unanimously decided to transfer the assets and operations of AHAR to Athlone Westmidlands SPCA, as it was deemed no longer viable for AHAR to continue as a charity given its outstanding tax liability.

Revenue stated that AHAR has a liability of €130,000 - including penalties for the years 2015 and 2016 - which Revenue claimed were the result of poor financial structures and a lack of proper book keeping.

In its latest Defaulters list Revenue said it has accepted a settlement offer of €130,015 from the charity. This includes outstanding PAYE, PRSI and USC payments totalling €63,340; interest of €19,170 and associated penalties of €47,505. The list also includes details of a separate settlement made with landlord and company director Jonathan Moriarty of Strand Street in Dingle. Mr Moriarty's settlement of €47,638 includes €31,084 in outstanding income taxes; interest of €7,227 and associated penalties of €9,325 arising from a Revenue audit case.