Accused told to seek help to deal with his 'quick temper'

A DINGLE resident who is accused of assaulting his former partner by pushing her out of bed, grabbing her by the throat and lifting her from the ground by her pyjamas so hard that it caused bruising under her arms, has been ordered to engage with the Probation Services to establish if anything can be done about his 'quick temper'.

Darren O'Sullivan, with an address at 28 St Joseph's Villas, Castletownbere appeared at Dingle District Court on Friday charged with assaulting his former partner Collette Flannery at the home they shared at 12 Fernhill, Dingle, on January 26, 2013. He denied that any assault had taken place

Telling the court that he was in 'no doubt there was an assault' Judge James O'Connor warned the fisherman that he had better take his meetings with the Probation Service seriously for the sake of his young son, or he will be facing a jail sentence.

"There is no doubt that something happened and we have pictures to prove it. I've no doubt there was an assault, so this man needs to go away and see the probation officer and get some advice," the judge said.

In her evidence, Ms Flannery alleged that Mr O'Sullivan came back to the house in the early hours of January 26 and was angry because she had joined a running club. She alleged that he got mad that she would be 'parading herself in tight clothes' and became very aggressive and pushed her out of bed. She said he pushed her against the wall, calling her ugly and fat, before picking her up by her pyjamas and shaking her. She also accused her partner of 'starting to choke her' and threatening to kill her, before locking her into the ensuite bathroom.

She said when the situation settled down she took her son and slept in the living room until the following morning.

During the course of the case, it emerged that Ms Flannery had gone running the following morning and had gone for a night out with her partner the following night and didn't report the incident or see a doctor until the following morning. She told the judge that she did so to keep the peace, as she did not know what to do.

A doctor's report and photographs of injuries to her throat and arms were submitted to the court, which the judge said 'backed up' Ms Flannery's version of events.

Mr O'Sullivan denied that any assault had taken place and told the judge that he had no idea how Ms Flannery had received her injuries. He said he came home on the night in question and asked for painkillers for a toothache, which Ms Flannery got for him. He said they went out the following night and while out Ms Flannery's niece approached him at some stage and started slapping him. He said he left temporarily but came back again and Ms Flannery said everything was alright and they went home and went to bed.

The following morning he alleges that he told Ms Flannery that he wanted to leave and packed his bag but changed his mind for their young son's sake. That evening, he said most of her family were at the house and he ordered take away for everyone. He said Ms Flannery went to bed and her mother, who was living in the house, asked him to leave.

A few hours later, he met gardai and first heard about the allegations Ms Flannery was making, and he made a statement on the matter the following day.

The case was adjourned until July 25 to allow Mr O'Sullivan time to engage with the probation services.


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