A young life cut far too short

The late Michael Bunyan 1996-2012

On the 30th September a wave of shock came over Ballybunion as the sad news filtered through of the sudden death of Michael Bunyan otherwise known as Mike to his friends.

He was born on the 9th January, 1996 to Liam and Angela Bunyan and he was a very welcome brother to William and Louise.

He had a very difficult start in life as he was transferred to Crumlin Hospital where he spent the first three months of his life where the doctors and nurses did a great job as he was able to live life to the full.

He always loved the outdoors and was mad about machinery from a young age. As soon as he was old enough he made his way down to McMahon's farm as his brother had done before him.

He was treated like one of the family. He had many happy hours helping with the greyhounds and on the farm as well as cutting grass around the Caravan Park. It is from there that he got a love of birds and started keeping and breeding canaries.

He became an entrepreneur when he was still in Primary School when he started cutting up timber and sold bags of sticks to his neighbours for starting their fires. He then moved on to making bird cages for sale and he was able to make any animal house that was requested. He was known far and wide due to his enterprising nature and a lot of people could not believe how young he was.

He was an inspiration to others with the great drive and determination he showed always busy with his birds, his carpentery, gardening or helping with baling during the summer. His next ambition was to start driving tractors next summer doing the silage.

He loved comedy and when we could eventually get him home he would sit down and enjoy a good laugh watching Fr. Ted or Fawlty Towers.

He had many close friends who helped him in his endeavours. He wasn't a great lover of books but he went to school quite happily every morning where he had made many good friends and he got on very well with the Teaching Staff at St. Joseph's Secondary School.

It is a common phrase "only the good die young" and that is certainly true of Michael as he always liked to be helpful in any way he could.

The huge volume of people who attended his funeral was a testament to his popularity and he would have been proud and delighted to have seen the send off he received.

He will be sadly missed by his heartbroken family, relatives, friends and neighbours.

Ní beidh a leithéid arís ann.

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