20.8% drop in air passengers using Kerry Airport since 2006

IN aviation, the ' Transport Omnibus' report for 2011 shows how Kerry Airport has witnessed a sharp decline in passenger numbers in recent years.

In 2006, 392,576 passengers passed through the airport. This dropped to 310,937 last year - a drop of 20.8 per cent.

The busiest month of 2011 was, unsurprisingly, August, when 37,291 people arrived (18,560) and departed (18,731) from Kerry, while the quietest month was January when departures totalled 7,219 and arrivals 8,709.

The total number of flights handled in Kerry was 3,105, with the LondonLuton service by far the busiest with 51,828 passenger arrivals and 50,335 departures for a total number of 102,163 during the year.

The next busiest services from Kerry were London-Stanstead ( 72,759), Frankfurt-Hahn ( 57,239), Dublin (27,318) and Alicante (18,850).

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