Wet, cold and dark summer observed at Valentia station

Summer 2017 was wetter, colder and darker than usual in this part of the country according to the Met Éireann seasonal weather data released this week.

Kerry's main observatory, Valentia Observatory in the south of the county, experienced some 350 millimetres of rainfall between June and August, around 40 millimetres more than average. But, while well above its own average, it trailed Mayo's Knock Airport, Ireland's wettest station this summer, by almost 120 millimetres.

The average temperature in the South Kerry observatory, according to Met Éireann's seasonal data was just over 14.5 degrees Celsius, roughly 0.2 degrees below the region's average. Valentia also recorded almost 320 hours of sunshine this summer, making summer 2017 some 30 hours darker than summer 2016.

Met Éireann also released its monthly statistics for August this week, experiencing little over 100 millimetres of rain, less than 90 per cent of its average.

Temperatures were also lower than usual in August. The average temperature was 15.8 degrees Celsius, and just over 100 hours of sunshine (102) were observed at the station last month.


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