Two Mile school launch website to attract pupils

MANY small rural schools around Kerry are coming under pressure as a result of declining enrolments, but one Killarney school is fighting back online.

Cahooreigh National School, better known locally as Two Mile School because of its location two miles from Killarney, has just launched a fantastic new website and is hoping it will help attract more pupils to its books.

The project has been ongoing for a year and a half and has now gone live much to the delight of principal Tim McKenna and his band of helpers, in particular local woman Sheila O'Donoghue, an aunt of a couple of children in the school.

"Sheila is a bit of an IT whiz. Together we loaded all the information on to the website, things like school policy, photos of activities, calendar of events, tips for parents- things that people might find useful," Tim said.

The main aim of the website however is to promote the school and attract additional students in the coming years.

"Like a lot of schools we are suffering from a decline in numbers; there are currently 25 students enrolled at Two Mile School and we would love to attract some additional pupils to keep us going," Tim said.

"The idea is that a parent who is interested in sending their child to Two Mile School can have a run through the website and learn a bit more about us.

"The website gives a taste of what is going on at the school and we hope it might encourage them to call into us and to consider enrolling their child," he added.

One of the activities at Two Mile School is art and many of the images uploaded by Tim and Sheila show the youngsters at work and enjoying the facilities the school has to offer.

"The site is a lovely production and representative of the work of the children and the teachers. It was a real collaborative effort," Tim said.

"Now that it is up and running our job is to keep updating the site, but I am sure we will manage that.

"We have had great help and great support from everyone," he added.

Anyone interested in learning a little more about the school, its activities or its history can log on to


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