Town in mourning as Tunney passes away

THERE is great sadness in Tralee this week following the death of one of the town's best known figures, bookmaker Tunney Galvin.

The Rock Street stalwart, who was born above the family's grocery shop in 1927, passed away last Wednesday morning at the Fatima Home in Oakpark aged 87.

Thomas 'Tunney' Galvin's passing came just a little over a month after that of his sister, Norrie Gentleman, who had continued to run the family shop on Rock Street right up until her death on February 2.

Tunney's father, John, had run the Starting Price bookmakers shop on Rock Street and in 1944 Tunney took over the business from his father and began a long career that would see him criss cross the country and become one of the best known faces in Ireland's close knit greyhound and horse racing community.

Tunney and his wife, Aine, who celebrated 58 years of marriage in January this year, moved from Rock Street to Ard Na Lí in Oakpark in 1960.

In recent years failing mobility saw Tunney take up residence in Cuil Didin, and it was there that he passed away peacefully last week.

He is survived by his wife Aine and children Jack, Tom, Michael, Martin, Cormac, Catherine and Norma.