Top Tips For Savvy Shopping

* Set a budget. Instead of being faced with a massive credit card bill after Christmas, set a budget now and stick to it. Better still, start putting away a few euro every week and decide now who you need to buy for and how much you plan to spend on each.

* Choose your gifts in advance. Write down gift ideas for individual people. That way, you won't be fussing around the shops in a panic as your deadline looms.

* Shop while you go - It also makes life a little bit easier to pick up gifts as you go - and this again avoids a massive output at Christmas. Always have gift ideas in mind and that way you might just phappen upon them when you least expect itn Check the returns policy, especially when shopping for clothes This is very important in case you get products that don't meet your requirements, as each store has different policies.

* Be careful with gift cards, especially with more and more businesses unfortunately going into receivership, liquidation or suddenly closing. Be especially mindful of a store's stability before purchasing a gift card.

* It might sound as simple as pie, but before buying something be as sure as possible that your gift is the right one. What is the point of spending your hear earned money on something that will be thrown in a corner. So do some investigative work beforehand.

* If you're hoping to buy a really popular product, then the earlier the better! Certain products might be in short supply so if you think this might be the case, be sure to pre-order!

* Think twice about extended warranties, which often cost extra. Consumer research has shown that most products don't break during the first three or four years of ownership, and if breakages do occur, the repair cost is typically about the same as the warranty cost.