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Swedish yacht on world voyage takes in Valentia

The Swedish yacht Caminante II made a pretty picture with two of her five sails up, leaving Valentia Harbour on Thursday, following a 12 day stay at the marina.

The 45 ton vessel was built in Finland and registered in Gothenburg, Sweden. She is steel built with two masts and was built in 1983. On board are Gustaf and Tina Hulthe, and their daughter Lovisa, 12, and Karin,11.

The Caminante II, which translates in Spanish as "wanderer", certainly lives up to her name. Having left her home port on July 19, 2012, following two years preparation, she has been sailing the seven seas ever since.

Among the many places visited were Grenada, the Panama Canal, Indonesia, where they stayed for six months, New Zealand and South Africa, which entailed another long stay.

Tina says that the most memorable for them were the Galapagos Islands and South Africa for their wildlife. The remote islands of St Helens were included in their trip and, from there, a journey of 34 days sailing. Next stop was Valentia, reached on June 24.

The Caminante II is equipped with freezers, coal stove and can carry 2,000 litres of water and over 1,000 litres of diesel.