Road sweeper in town as judgement looms for Tidy Towns

John Reidy's Castleisland

"The wonder that is the Kerry County Council Road Sweeper is coming to town this Wednesday and we are appealing to each and every resident and business to come out before then and sweep the footpath out to the channel so that the sweeper will collect the sweepings," said Castleisland Tidy Towns activist, Mary Walsh.

"The sweeper is not much good if the footpaths, especially along by the wall, is dirty," said Mary and she proceeded to provide us with a rundown on the good news associated with the growing number of volunteers now taking their own areas into care.

"Judging season is upon us again. The entry form was sent in at the end of May and we will be judged over the coming months.

As usual we never know the day when this will take place and in spite of sightings of men with clipboards and jotting down the dates of such sightings, we have yet to get the date right.

The committee and volunteers have done Trojan work this year and a big 'thank you' to each and every one involved.

The Killarney Road group took Barrack Street to their hearts and the work carried out is a credit to Mary Anne and Eamonn Breen, John Keane, Frank Kenny and all their volunteers.

The Tralee Road. and Limerick Road. volunteers have also been busy. The estates and residential areas are all looking well.

We have concentrated on the category of Streets, Lanes and Back Ways this year too and it's amazing what a few flowers, a bit of paint, chippings and a good clean up will do.

We have had dirty and disused sign posts removed or replaced and straightened, not to mention set pointing in the right direction!

We would especially like to mention the efforts made by the business people who have painted walls, sheds, gates, doors and buildings at our request. We are very lucky to have two very enthusiastic, hard working men on the community employment scheme.

Again this year, the schools and especially Castleisland Community College have had a great input and we congratulate them all on their Green Flags and their contribution towards making us all more aware of Climate Change and on the small changes that we can make in our lives to help our planet.

Throughout the summer it will be up to the whole community to be vigilant on litter and tidiness and on the scourge that is dog fouling. It has now overtaken litter as the biggest problem that everybody complains about.

Litter is unsightly and sometimes dirty but dog fouling is a health hazard.

I have spoken before about people bringing it into their homes on their shoes and on the wheels of buggies.

The latest complaint we received was from the Rural Social Scheme and our own FÁS workers who have it flying in their faces when cutting the grass especially on the River Walks.

Shame on those who do not pick up after their dogs."