People urged to attend 'Understanding self-harm' seminar taking place at the Family Resource Centre

How to help loved ones in the throes of mental health difficulties to the extent they are self-harming is the vital subject of a seminar coming up at the Listowel Family Resource Centre on December 7 next.

Starting at 10am until 4pm, the Understanding Self-Harm Seminar aims to develop participants' knowledge and understanding of self-harm; to develop participants' knowledge of the reasons underlying self-harm behaviour and to consider the needs of people who self harm.

Through these subjects it hopes to lead to improved knowledge, awareness and understanding of self harm among participants; spelling out exactly what self harm is as well as the reasons people self-harm and its relationship to suicide.

Positive approaches to engaging with and caring for someone who self-harms; understanding of the prevalence of selfharm across different age groups and genders and much else will feature.