Paul's big challenge

Sinead Kelleher

On Wednesday morning Killarney man Paul Gosney will take to the pool at Killarney Sports and Leisure Centre to swim 790 lengths, a grand total of 19km.

He will then get out of the water and head straight for the Ring of Kerry (180km) and cycle this five times continuously straight through the day and night (900km).

When this ordeal is over, he will then put on his running shoes and run five marathons in a row, or 210km, around Killarney National Park, in 4.9km-loops. 

The plan is to return to base before 6pm on Sunday having completed his latest gruelling challenge - Ireland's longest triathlon, equivalent to five full Ironman distances in a row.  Paul is doing each sport in a single block, rather than swimming, cycling, running and repeating, as has been previously being accomplished. 

Paul, who is from Listry, is no stranger to pushing himself to the limit having previously completed five Ironman distances in five days, as well as running around the Ring of Kerry. 

His latest bid is another challenge of endurance, stamina and mental ability, but many are asking: why does he do it? He has no answer - but he loves planning and training for such epic events. 

His main aim, he said, is to raise funds for Pieta House - a charity close to his heart as he has seen the effects a suicide has on families. He hopes that, by undertaking this challenge and raising funds, he can prevent others from suffering. 

"I have seen the other side of what suicide does; it destroys families. Prevention is key, so I am doing it for that." 

Paul can be supported in his efforts for Pieta House through the Facebook page Ireland's Longest Triathlon and the Just Giving Link on that page.