New road surface 'is crumbling already'

A STRETCH of road outside Ballylongford that was resurfaced at a cost of more than €70,000 just weeks ago is already deteriorating, according to frustrated local motorists.

A number of residents of the area highlighted what they consider to be the poor state of the new road in the Gortnacocca area of Ballylongford two weeks ago in The Kerryman. They claimed that although the road was newly resurfaced driving on it was like driving 'on corrugated iron' and that it appeared holes were already appearing.

Work on the road was undertaken as part of flood-alleviation work at the area to prevent the River Line breaking its banks at times of heavy rain. While it appears the persistent flooding problem has been addressed, locals remain unhappy with the road surface.

"The dip that was in it two weeks ago is actually getting more pronounced," local man Brian Finucane said. "It cost more than €70,000 to build - that's our money as taxpayers. We would expect the highest standards of roadwork for that price, but what we seem to have is something that could pose a danger to health and safety. A motorcyclist could be knocked off their bike due to it. To my mind, it is deteriorating rapidly," he said.

Kerry County Council said that due to the nature of the flood-relief work the road could still be 'settling'.


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