New 'app' to keep students informed

STUDENTS, parents and teachers at St Michael's College are set to find out a lot more about events at the school thanks to a new mobile phone 'app' launched this week.

Not that the community of St Michael's was ever one for failing to keep up with happenings in the institution, but the new app means every last thing of interest there will be now be available at just the touch of a button.

The St Michael's app, called SMC Listowel, can be downloaded from the internet to mobile smartphones or tablets. Simply open it up and find out all about everything going on in the school.

"The app even contains an interactive calendar feature which allows users to keep up-to-date with all the events that happen in the school year," deputy principal Liam Hassett said. "Our news page will feed in all the latest news and important information from our website and subjects the school offer can be accessed easily. Other features include our gallery and video pages along with easy links to ePortal and other websites," Mr Hassett added.

How to Download the App

For iPhone: Launch your internet brower. Log onto Select the search icon on the top right-hand side.Type 'SMC Listowel'. Select the app logo. Click install.

Android phones: Launch Google Play Store. Select apps. Click on the search icon. Type 'SMC Listowel'. Select the app logo. Click install.