Maureen sets course for Med after Winning Streak win

One of Lisselton's best-loved public faces is the focus of a slew of goodwill from near and far this week after she won the €5,000 cruise draw on Saturday's Winning Streak.

Maureen Flavin, who works in the local supermarket and post office, Ryan's Daybreak, couldn't believe her ears when she heard her name called out of the draw.

"They only pick one out usually, but because of the Christmas break, four were chosen on Saturday, and mine was the fourth! I couldn't believe it," Maureen told The Kerryman as she celebrated the great win with her work colleague pals at the store on Monday.

Maureen was prompted to compete for the prize after hearing all about the cruise her brother and his wife enjoyed out of Venice last year. "I knew the only way I'd get on one was if I won it, so I collected a number of stubs and put in for it all at once."

Incredibly, the win came almost exactly to the two-year anniversary of the death of young Ballyheigue native Trish Flavin. Trish was the wife of Raymond Flavin, a nephew of Maureen's husband, Gerry, and both she and Maureen were close friends. When she died of a medical complication after being out for Women's Christmas it devastated the whole clan, not least Raymond, who was left to care for five young children. Maureen and Raymond's mom, Josephine, are now helping him to mind the children.

"I was very close to Trish, and I couldn't believe that the win came practically on her anniversary. I have great faith and have no doubt she played a role in the win," Maureen said.

"It's nice to get a lift like this after so much heartache in the family. And I can't get over the goodwill of people, they've been ringing non-stop to wish me the best."

Now, Maureen is eyeing the Med as the destination of choice, hoping to cruise from Rome and back. And there's no doubt as to who is going with her - beloved husband Gerry. "He's nearly ready to leave already," Maureen laughed.