Lotto luck strikes again

Simon Brouder

TRALEE'S rumour mill has gone into overdrive since news broke on Sunday that the country's newest Lotto millionaire had purchased their ticket in the town.

The €4,045,514 jackpot winning ticket was bought at Nolan's Garage on Tralee's ,North Circular Road last Thursday but as The Kerryman went to press on Tuesday evening the prize still had not been claimed.

That hasn't stopped speculation as to the identity of the lucky winner, or winners, spreading like wildfire around the town.

The identity of the mystery millionaire is the topic on everyone's lips and this week and it's virtually impossible to enter a Tralee pub without hearing a theory about the winner's name.

While some theory's appear to have merit, many mentioned to The Kerryman, quite seriously, are based on evidence as flimsy as the fact that one potential winner hadn't been out for his usual Sunday afternoon pint.

As no winner has come forward all that's known for certain is that the winning ticket, an €8 quickpick, was purchased at some point last Thursday, June 13, at Nolan's Garage and contains the winning numbers 1, 6, 8, 15, 26 and 28.

Shop and garage owner Niall Nolan, whose business will enjoy a €15,000 windfall of its own for selling the jackpot winning ticket, told The Kerryman that he has no idea of the winner's identity.

"We have people calling in all day and the National Lottery didn't tell us the time the ticket was sold so we have no way of narrowing it down," said Niall Nolan.

"As well as the garage and shop we also have a farm machinery and equipment shop with farmers coming from all over the county and further afield," he said.

"I really have no idea, it could be anyone from anywhere. It could be a farmer from north or west Kerry, a regular customer from town, a tourist, anybody. I have no idea and no one here can come up with a possible winner," he said.

" It's a great feeling to have sold a winning ticket and all I hope is that whoever the winner turns out to be, whether its a individual, a family or a syndicate, that it brings them happiness," said Niall Nolan.

Of course the unidentified €4 million ticket holder isn't Tralee's only mystery Lotto winner.

The owner of the €250,000 Lotto Plus 2 winning ticket sold at Joe O'Connor's Spar at Clash Cross, Rathass on May 25 last still hasn't come forward to claim their prize almost three weeks after the draw.

All in all it's been a pretty amazing month for lottery players in Kerry. On June 6 a Kerry syndicate won a €1 million prize in the Daily million bringing the county's lottery winnings from those three wins alone in the last month to a whopping €5.3 million.