KDYS pull out all stops for Crowley

THE KDYS in Killarney pulled out all the stops this month when a visit by Fianna Fail MEP Brian Crowley took to the open road.

The MEP was in Killarney on Saturday, December 7 to meet with various community groups and voluntary organisations, and could not resist a visit to the KDYS' newest attraction, its mobile youth café.

Mr Crowley was one of a number of political visitors to the KDYS facility on the day and was joined by Senator Mark Daly and a group of local county and town councillors.

The group was given a full tour of the KDYS mobile youth café and the permanent youth café which is based at their building in the Fair Hill, Killarney.

It was a particularly apt visit for the Fianna Fail representative as he is well known in a personal capacity for his work as a volunteer with various youth organisations in his native Cork City.

Speaking during his visit, he paid tribute to all those involved in the KDYS centre in Killarney, and stressed the importance of equipping all you people with "the tools they need for life".

The unique KDYS mobile youth café is the first of its type in the country and is designed to bring youth facilities to every corner of the county. It also acts as a hub to train and develop volunteers.

"The mobile Youth Café in particular gives us the flexibility to support young people and volunteers in the more rural parts of Kerry which may not have any access to youth facilities previously," KDYS CEO Tim O'Donoghue said.