Hot weather creates extra work at Farranfore project

Cillian Walsh

THE recent extreme warm weather has required extra work to go into the Farranfore Development's Association revamp of the disused piece of land adjacent to the railway station, which is The Kerryman supported entry in the national Get Involved initiative.

Volunteers have been out on a nightly basis watering the area. This has seen massive growth already with the conditions suiting the development of the area and the maintenance the volunteers are conducting lending an extra boost.

In order to conserve moisture in the trees, mulch, which was kindly provided by Brian Shanahan, was set around them. Mulch helps prevent soil moisture loss as it decreases levels of evaporation.

As of last week, a total of 66 walnut trees, mountain ash trees and silver birch trees have now been planted and were set using local farm sourced manure kindly provided by Tim O'Sullivan.

The suitable mixture for the wildflower meadow, which will run like a corridor through the middle of the area, has been sourced also. However, considering the current weather conditions, it is felt that it is not the suitable time to lay the wildflower seeds.

A meeting was held with CIE to discuss and agree suitable options in building up a bed to facilitate the setting of the hedgerow that will run along the back of the area, directly adjacent to the railway station.

Volunteers were unable to break the ground next to the chain fence that separates the area from the railway station and therefore arranged the meeting.

With judging of the competition taking place in August, good progress is now being made in regards to the growth of the plants and trees.


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