Family Resource Centre to run vital talks on how to help people who are experiencing crisis

Recognising indicators of crisis in loved ones and understanding what they are going through, the better to help them back to optimal mental health. That is the focus of talks at the Listowel Family Resource Centre later this month.

The one-day course Understanding Self Harm will take place on February 20 next between 10am and 5pm.

The aim of the programme is to: Develop participants' knowledge and understanding of self-harm; develop participants' knowledge of the reasons underlying self-harm behaviour; and to help participants consider the needs of people who self-harm.

The following day will meanwhile see the focus shift to helping those experiencing suicidal thoughts.

'Safetalk' will offer participants an opportunity to learn four basic steps to recognise persons with thoughts of suicide and connect them with resources to help them back to health.

Safetalk is a one-day suicide alertness programme

The training is suitable for everyone who wants to help prevent suicide and is prepared to become a suicide-alert helper.

Safetalk takes place on February 21 from 10am to 1.30pm

For further information, you can contact Toni Clarke on (068)23584.

Spaces are limited, so anyone interested is advised to book early.