CBS kids say no to bullying

Simon Brouder

THE pupils of Tralee CBS Primary School have come with their own guidelines on how to prevent bullying and respect each other.

This week the primary school is holding Friendship Week, a five-day event aimed at teaching the children the importance of caring and treating each other with respect.

During the week the children and their teachers have been discussing the importance of friendship and using the pupils' own suggestions to craft a new anti bullying charter and ethos for the school.

As part of Friendship Week the pupils designed three posters, featuring positive messages they had come up with in class, which have now been hung up around the school and will be turned into postcards that will be sent to the homes of every pupil.

"The pupils and teachers talked about the good behaviour that everyone should display. How we should treat each other well, play by the rules, and include others in our games," said Principal Denis Coleman

"The children's suggestions moved a step further when a set of posters were designed. The three posters make it clear to all the behaviour we would like to see, the things to say and do when someone is bothering you, and finally, knowing when it's time to tell someone if there is a problem," he said.

"The role of the parents in dealing with these issues is vital. To highlight this role, the posters were reprinted in postcard size and sent home with every child. Parents were asked to display the postcards somewhere at home that will make it easy for them to talk to their children about the issues involved, whether they occur in school or outside of the school, now or in the future," said Mr Coleman.