Big beach clean-up in Ballyheigue

OVER 30 took part in a clean-up of Ballyheigue's magnificent beach on Good Friday in the effort to make further inroads into the huge task of clearing up after the storms that lashed the area in the first months of the year.

This was the village's fifth community clean-up this year and the group tackled littering that was strewn across the dunes by the series of new year storms.

"The people of Ballyheigue cannot be faulted for effort, in fairness," local County Councillor John Brassil remarked.

Much of the litter extracted on Good Friday was comprised of plastic bottles and rope that was washed in from the sea when the dunes were breached in the storm-driven high tides of January and February.

"One or two areas are left in the sand dunes to tackle, we would have needed a machine or 100 bodies to have finished it all on Good Friday but we're getting there," Cllr Brassil said.


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