Barmen take on the 'Movember' challenge

OVER the next few weeks anyone dropping in to the Abbey Inn for a pint might notice something slightly different about the barmen working the taps in the popular nightspot.

Led by Danny Leane Jnr, the barmen have decided to take on the 'Movember' challenge and for the next month they'll be cultivating moustaches to raise money for cancer charities.

The concept behind Movember, an idea that began in Australia about a decade ago, is to raise awareness of and funds for men's health issues, in particular prostate cancer, by encouraging men to grow a moustache, of any type from bushy and wild to pencil thin or curled, during the month of November.

Movember officially kicks off on Friday and Danny and the boys will be collecting for the cause right though to the end of the month when they'll ceremonially shave off their new taches.

"It's a good cause and we thought it would be a bit of fun. The lads should be fine but I'm not sure how well mine will go. I actually wanted to stop shaving a week ago and give myself a bit of a head start but the rules are very strict and you have to be totally clean shaven on the first day of Movember for it to count," said Danny Leane Jnr.

A few years ago former Labour Party leader Dick Spring, who is arguably Tralee's best known moustache wearer, provided The Kerryman some tips for Movember. For those of you embarking on the Movember journey here, once again, are Mr Spring's top tache tips.

1. A clean, well-moisturised face is essential for all moustache bearing gentlemen.

2. One's moustache must not be more than 3cm in depth and 10cm in width.

3. A pocket-sized moustache comb is a grooming essential and should be on one's person at all times.

4. Under no circumstances should one dye one's moustache ... .unless one is Poirot.

5. A full head of hair is recommended for all moustache bearers. Competitive weightlifters come to mind when one thinks of bald moustache-bearing men.

6. Keep gels and products to a minimum, others do not wish to see a wet-look moustache.

7. Love your moustache and it will love you back.


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