Ardfert in RTÉ spotlight

Dónal Nolan

Over 350,000 RTÉ viewers will soon get to relish the medieval village of Ardfert in all its glory - past and present - as Nationwide broadcast a lengthy feature on it.

In Nationwide's first ever visit to the former ecclesiastical capital of Kerry, the team will focus on three strands of the village story in a broadcast that's thanks to filmmaking couple Jim and Catherine McCarthy from Fenit. 

The recent documentary they made, Ardfert: A Historical Gem, caught the attention of the Nationwide team who are now to devote the best part of an episode to Ardert as a result, drawing heavily on the documentary footage compiled by Jim and Catherine. It's expected to be broadcast in March.

"We're delighted that it has resulted in what will be the first ever feature on Ardfert by Nationwide and I understand they will be focusing on three items in particular from the documentary, the work of the Banna Sea Rescue unit, Ardfert Cathedral and Roger Casement," Jim explained.

They will have much to draw upon from the wide-ranging documentary, which featured interviews with scores of people involved in various aspects of village life - not least the overview of the major archaeological excavation of the Cathedral in the '90s, which Jim himself worked on.

Nationwide interviewed four people afresh for the piece - Jim and Catherine themselves; as well as former chair of the Cathedral graves committee Eamon Kirby and Caroline O'Callaghan who wrote two songs for Ardfert: A Historical Gem.