121 Digital programme for elderly

ANY older people out there who regularly find themselves tempted to fling their mobile phone, computer or tablet at the wall in frustration will probably be very interested in a new course that's starting soon at Mercy Mounthawk.

The Tralee school is the latest school in Ireland to sign up for the free 121 Digital programme which sees young school-goers sit down with older people and help them learn how to use and get the most out of their phones and computers.

The classes cover everything from the basics of texting and voicemail to using services like Skype and or free webtexting. The classes will be delivered one-to-one by the people who are acknowledged as the greatest phone experts of all, teenage students.

121 Digital's first Tralee course kicks off on January 29 and there has been huge demand for the organisation's service. The first course is already booked out and the waiting list for the second course is already nearly full.

While the first Tralee course is full, further courses will be organised in the near future.

If you or anyone you know would be interested in taking part you can log on to www.121digital.ie or simply call 085 8228147.


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