Work out the shape of your wardrobe

HOW many of us have an accurate picture of our own bodies?

Increasingly, emphasis is being placed on body shapes when it comes to nailing the look and getting the wardrobe right.

When you know the general shape of your body, getting the clothes right comes much more easily.

So, how do you classify your body across the limited range of descriptions the world of fashion currently works with?

Take a long look at yourself in the mirror, try on different outfits and work from the accepted range of general body shapes used today as shorthand. Apple, pear, athletic, hourglass, slender, petite, inverted triangle, tall, short - you're probably in there.

Experts will tell you that knowing your body shape is key to dressing right, regardless of passing fashion fads. If you get it right, you should never be stuck for something to wear again.

Start with your upper body, ideally your shoulders - are they broad, narrow, muscular and so on? Working down, describe your chest, waist, hips, legs, working out where on the curve each come in order to develop a better overview of your body.

It's that simple! The surprising thing is, like anything in life, it is only when we really look at something we come to a deeper understanding of it and how few of us actually take the time in our lives to examine ourselves more closely.

Once satisfied you've come by an accurate shape to best describe your body you can then begin thinking in terms of clothes.

Knowing the shape will allow you accentuate the curves in all the right places to wow the hell out of everyone when you step out of the house - for the fashion lovers among us the knowledge is priceless.


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