Volunteers out in force

THERE was a fantastic response to the business street clean up organised by Tralee Tidy Towns committee members this week in Lower Rock Street.

Over 30 members of staff from local businesses joined volunteers from Tidy Tralee and took to the street to clear away rubbish, weeds, dust, debris and the bane of everyone's life, discarded cigarette butts and chewing gum.

"Cigarette butts and discarded chewing gum are pretty disgusting, ugly, and very hard and time consuming to pick up or get rid of afterwards. A bit of care in their disposal goes a long way in helping to keep areas clean, tidy, and hygienic," said Tralee Tidy Town's Gretta O'Rourke, who helped organise the clean up.

Several of the businesses were out early washing down their windows and scrubbing the pavements outside their businesses. Tralee Tidy Towns supplied high-vis jackets, gloves, some tools, litter bags and moral support.

Businesses taking part included Ray's Loaded Lunches, Radley's IT, Halotherapy, Rock Street Post Office, Garvey's Supervalu, Marie's Hair Studio, Batt Coffey Shoes, Lormar Gift Shop, Kelliher's Hardware, Incensed, An Sheebeen, Dan Devan Video, and Ikon.

"There was a nice atmosphere and a bit of craic between the traders, several of whom had to keep running in and out of their businesses to service customers, some of whom were roped in to help and proved very good natured," said Gretta.