Views of our kingdom are just out of this world

Dnal Nolan

HOW pretty the Kingdom looks from outer space!

Some of our finest features caught the attention of no fewer than two astronauts in St Patrick's Week as they posted pictures of the county on Twitter.

International Space Station commander, Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield and Nasa astronaut on board the International Space Station, Thomas Marshburn, each captured stunning pics of the county.

The pair post regular pictures of parts of the globe from their amazing Earth orbit aboard the ISS. Appropriately, it was Kerry that first brought a flash of green to the colour-starved spacemen on St Patrick's Day as a fabulous shot of Tralee taken by Cmdr Hadfield displayed.

"Tralee, Ireland, nestled in the first green we see after soaring across the Atlantic," was how the commander captioned his stunning shot of Tralee Bay, from Kerry Head to the Maharees.

Marshburn's photo was equally as thrilling as it displayed the peaks of Corca Dhuibhne and Iveragh covered in snow some days previously. Marshburn name-checked Ballybunion and Killarney from the same shot in a illustration of exactly how relative distance is for someone who can capture both places in the same snap.


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