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Trilogy Rosehip Reimagined - the perfect gift for Mother's Day


Rosehip Reimagined

Rosehip Reimagined

Rosehip Reimagined

I love Trilogy skincare products, and I am not disappointed by their new Rosehip Reimagined roller they've recently launched. This is a fantastic idea, it's so handy. It fits in your pocket or handbag so you can use it on the go without spilling or wasting this beautiful oil by pouring out too much. You have all the benefits of rosehip oil in an easy to use and transportable form. Trilogy only uses premium quality rosehip oil in their full range.

The roller is ideal to moisturise dry skin patches. It improves softness and elasticity to help reduce scars, fine lines, and wrinkles. It's brilliant for dry lip lips, and great for cuticles. Trilogy Rosehip oil is easily absorbed so that the skin is nourished and replenished for radiant healthy-looking skin.

Weleda Relaxing Bath Milk is the perfect choice if your mother loves to have some private, relaxing time in the bath. It contains lavender oil which is a classic essential oil associated with calming and balancing the nervous system. You can use it anytime but it's particularly useful for times of stress or agitation. For a good night's sleep head straight to bed after the bath.

Hand cream is one of my favourite gifts, it never goes astray. I usually have a hand cream in every bag I carry. There are many hand creams to choose from. If your mother likes a scented cream then Tisserand Aromatherapy has a lovely range of scented hand creams to choose from. The Rose & Geranium Leaf is one of our customer's favourites, it's a blend of Aloe Vera, Calendula Flower and Jojoba oil; the fragrances are 100% natural. The cream helps to protect and soothe delicate skin and strengthen nails.

Of course there are always chocolates, books, and vouchers. A phone call works well too; a Mother's Day gift doesn't have to cost a penny. A hug from a loved one is sometimes the best gift you can give. Happy Mother's Day, I hope you enjoy all your day.

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