Transition Kerry shows way on sustainable living

AN organisation that aims to inform and encourage people in Kerry to move towards sustainable, environmentally friendly living is The Kerryman's Get Involved project for 2014.

Transition Kerry is a community and voluntary group working hard since 2007 to educate people here about how best they can go about using energy, food, transport and water in a way that benefits both their local communities and the planet as a whole.

Among the work already undertaken by Transition Kerry was the completion of a remarkable study putting our energy habits in stark perspective as it showed how the county is responsible for the emission of 1.22 million tonnes of CO2 every year (or 8.8 tonnes per person).

Against this background, Transition Kerry is now aiming to work closely with more communities in an ambitious bid to make Kerry energy self-sufficient by 2030. For this vision and the extraordinary work it is already carrying out, Transition Kerry was chosen as The Kerryman Get Involved 2014 project.

"The effects of fossil fuels on our climate are becoming more apparent with every year as mounting evidence from the scientific community points to extraordinary challenges ahead. That's why a project like Transition Kerry is so important as its objectives ultimately provide for a future in which this county will no longer be dependant on imported fossil fuels and will be able to survive the global economic impact of dwindling oil supply," Kerryman editor Declan Malone said.

"The work of Transition Kerry is also showing us how to make better use of local resources and how to protect our environment through cleaner energy and waste practices. For these reasons, The Kerryman is delighted to announce the group as the winner of this year's Get Involved Project in the hope its message will reach more and more communities across the county."