Tralee has a way to go to catch up with Gambia's broadband

COMPUTER and smart phone users in Tralee will be sadly familiar with the poor state of internet and broadband access in most areas of the county capital.

While the major phone and internet companies will, and frequently do, tell us that Tralee has excellent broadband coverage with decent speeds and high quality access the reality is somewhat different with access speeds often lagging way below their advertised levels.

On that note I was most amused this week having chatted briefly with a friend who has only recently returned from a trip though deepest Africa where,  it seems, broadband access is markedly better than in the Kingdom.

Said well travelled man was bemoaning the fact that since returning to his native Tralee he has only been able to get broadband access at dismal average speeds of about four or five Mbs.

As he battled to download a short book onto his tablet he remarked that while doing voluntary work for six months in Gambia he enjoyed high speed broadband access that was on average ten times faster than what he is currently enduring in Kerry.

It would appear that when it comes to broadband access Tralee still has some way to go.