Time to sign up for Killarney Valley AC's 'Fit for Life' programme


Kevin Hughes

Thinking of making a new start in 2019? Perhaps you've always wanted to get fit but don't know how or where to make a start? If so, then a positive start is closer than you think thanks to Killarney Valley Athletic Club, which is inviting new adult members to avail of its 'Fit for Life' initiative.

Killarney Valley AC is a community athletics club for young and old, and the good news is that walkers, joggers and runners - no matter what their ability and level of fitness - are invited to come along on January 23 to register. You will benefit from a carefully designed plan suitable to your expectations and level of fitness. A similar initiative was run three years ago and it proved a huge success; many of those taking part continued on with Killarney Valley AC.

"This is a time in the year when people are thinking about their health and what they're going to do for the year ahead. It's a community-based initiative to help people get fit. And whether they want to walk, run or jog, each programme is tailor made to suit," said Jeremiah Griffin of Killarney Valley AC.

It runs from January 23, when each category will set off on its respective route around Killarney. Moreover, it all builds towards Saturday, April 27, when people can take part in the Killarney parkrun 5k. There has never been a better time to get yourself off the couch and improve your mental and physical health. The objective is one designed to get you moving in a safe manner and to help you achieve a better level of fitness by either walking or jogging. The reward is worth the effort.

"When people talk about clubs they think of elitism. But you have got to involve everybody. The Athletics Association of Ireland has two policies: participation of everyone, and the 'Fit for Life' route for adults and young people alike. Being part of a club is something that is valued," Jeremiah added.

If you're interested in making a start, then head to St Brendan's College Gym on Wednesday, January 27, at 7pm (registration is at 6:30pm). This includes (AAI) membership including insurance and club t-shirt. Club membership is required as a 'Fit for Life' member. Pre-registration is also advised, which takes place in the same venue on Monday, January 13 and 20, at 7pm.