Style File

Sharon Heffernan.
Sharon Heffernan.

From? Tralee now living in Listowel.

Occupation? Beauty therapy and salon owner.

Favourite shops? Jasmine in Tralee and Chic Boutique in Listowel.

Favourite labels? Aoife Hannon, Karyn Moriarty and Carol Kennelly.

How much do you spend on clothes every month? As much as I can.

Favourite item of clothing at the moment? My red panther belt from Chic Boutique.

Three things you could not live without? Shellac nails, The Harmony Rooms in Listowel and my family.

Most expensive style purchase? Two full Pandora Bracelets.

Worst ever fashion blunder? Pale make up with no blusher.

Favourite pub in Tralee? Sean Ogs.

Favourite restaurant in Tralee? Bella Bia.

Best dressed girl in Tralee? Carol Heffernan.

Best dressed boy in Tralee? Nathan Heffernan.

Best bargains available in Tralee? The sale rail in Iota.


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