Putting a good face on the work hard, play hard generation

Academy award winning actress, Jennifer Connelly is Shiseido's global spokesperson and also the face of its highly acclaimed premium skincare line 'Future Solution LX'. Shiseido is also an award winner for its scientific research. The new range is called, IBUKI which means new breath and is targeted at younger consumers, aged around 25-35 and in my humble opinion is their best range to date.

The research is that the lifestyle of this age group is different to the generations before - they work harder but they also play harder and maybe diet is not what it could be and stress also is a major factor with this group. So the skin is suffering the effects of a stressed, modern lifestyle and the balance needs to be addressed. Adding lack of sleep to the mix, the poor little cells crumble under all this pressure; they shrivel up and lose their original shape and this effects the protective barrier.

Good old Shiseido have come up with a new 'shape memorizing' cell technology that clears out dead skin, stimulates the skin's natural moisturizing factor and builds up the basement membrane, which also ensures balanced cell renewal. The results are amazing and can be seen within a very short time.

The claim is that 90% of IBUKI users say their skin is in the best condition ever, but what I want to know is are the remaining 10% nuts because this stuff is seriously great. Well I suppose there is no pleasing some people. So if this takes your fancy try out their limited edition trial size, which consists of a gentle cleanser, a softening concentrate (they don't use toners) and a refining moisturiser. Methinks you will belong with the 90% and will be thanking me in four weeks! New to the range is an eyebrow kit and what with all the talk of eyebrows this season, this kit is very easy to use and gives great results.

Estee Lauder's new range is all about metallics and was created by Tom Pecheux (no, I had no idea who he was either) who is a world renowned make up artist and is a favourite with fashion editors and designers everywhere. Tom believes in making a woman look her most beautiful and I am starting to like his work and beliefs. Anyway, his range is all about metallics for this season, which is a combination of high reflective shine and intense colour for eyes, lips and nails and they can be used in two ways - a soft, elegant look or a more intense sexy look for night time. There are eight new nail varnishes; I like chrome violet, it has a great shine and the colour is a perfect purple for autumn. There are six new lip colours, including 'glow fushia' in a flattering pink and 12 new lip lacquers - 'electric wine' is fab. It is also a great time to buy Estee Lauder as there is a gift with any two purchases as long as one is skincare or foundation.

Post holiday hair needs a bit of extra care and new to the market is Matrix Biolage advanced kerindose for chemically treated hair. When you chemically colour your hair you can deplete the natural protein and moisture levels, which can result in increased breakage. Does this sound familiar? Lack of moisture causes dry, coarse hair and frizzy, unmanageable hair. So this range has a shampoo that reinforces the hair, a conditioner that moisturises to prevent damage while keeping hair silky and manageable, while the live-in lotion works wonders on frizz and gives a shine.

If you are looking for a good hair elixir, I came across a French company called RICH whose elixir won a Tatler beauty award. It contains sweet almond oil and argan oil. It absorbs quickly and is for dry, tired hair and is heat and UV protective. I think it could last a year as a little goes a long way.

Vaseline have added a new hand cream called 'healthy hands and stronger nails hand cream'. It seems 53% of Irish women now moisturise their hands on a daily basis - and again I ask what is going on with the 47% of Irish women who do not.This hand cream smells divine, is quickly absorbed and strengthens nails by 50%. Pointy nails are all in with Rihanna and Adele sporting this look - though, personally, I'm not sure about the practacality of this.

I got a phone call from BOSS, no not Bruce Springsteen, but the fragrance people, looking for my help to find the Munster Man of the Year. The Boss brand ambassador is Ryan Reynolds but the Munster Man can be anyone and all you have to do is nominate somebody or yourself and include a photograph. All ages may apply. I asked himself (the most tormented man in Ireland ) and my editor would I put their names in the draw, just to get the ball rolling and both had the exact same answer and as we went to print their answers had to be retracted. It is just a bit of fun and the winner will receive a hamper of fragrance worth €300 courtesy of CH Chemist, Tralee.

Write to me at The Kerryman, 9/10 Denny St Tralee or email me. I am looking for male testers for Boss Bottled, Boss Bottled Night and Hugo Red. I am also looking for male testers on maryodonnell FB page to try out treatments and products.

* Next week: Sensitive skin


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