Pubs get Good Friday spring clean

THE beer, wine and spirits may not have been flowing on Friday but that didn't mean there wasn't plenty going on in bars around the town as many Tralee publicans used the holy day to give their premises a major spring clean.

While most bar staff were enjoying a well earned day off, many others were hard at work cleaning and painting their respective pubs.

There were also plenty of workmen to be seen carrying out renovation work with both O'Sullivans on The Mall and the Teach Beag seemingly getting a fairly significant overhaul.

While the Irish are well used to Good Friday and the traditional ban on booze with many planning dinner parties and gatherings at home, the closure of pubs did catch a few tourists by surprise.

Two young German tourists were absolutely stunned on Thursday evening to find out that all the pubs would be shut the following ay.

It was news that seemed to put a major dent in the their plans for a trip to Dingle and on hearing it they immediately made for an off licence to stock up.

Of course it isn't just drinkers who find themselves a little put out on Good Friday.

On Friday morning one could see numerous well known faces from about the town who, with their regular haunts shut down, had to find somewhere else for their usual morning coffee and were looking more than a little perplexed by their temporary surroundings.