Potholes: a lot done, more to do

Letter to the Editor

Tom Fleming, TD dealing with Church Street residents on the potholes issue there. Photo by John Reidy
Tom Fleming, TD dealing with Church Street residents on the potholes issue there. Photo by John Reidy

I mentioned here last week the dreadful state of the potholed road at Market Cross and how I got a call from a local woman who complained about the worsening situation there.

Well, cross my heart and upon my soul, the following morning a team from the council - with a digger, a dumper, a small load of tarmac, high vis vests and shovels and a high degree of skill - tore into the job.

What they left after them is a credit to their pothole-filling skills as the road surface there is now billiard table flat and looking like a permanent job.

I also mentioned Church Street in that piece. This little stretch of street is gone to the bad in spite of several attempts to rectify the aftermath of water works digging in the area last year.

I've no idea what the surface of the moon is like but your imagination could take a lurch in that direction while on Church Street. I wasn't a bit surprised to get the following email from Scartaglin TD Tom Fleming on behalf of contacts he had received from residents on the street.

You will see that Mr. Fleming wrote to local engineer Brendan Mulhern and expressed the concerns of the locals. In fairness to Mr. Mulhern he was as good as his word and the potholes were filled by the date promised.

However, the road is now in a patch upon patch state and will surely have to be resurfaced some-time soon. It is a critical road in the area as it feeds two secondary schools, the parish church the fire station and Tangney's Funeral Home - not to mention providing an entrance / exit to and from Garvey's SuperValu and Aldi.

The following is Tom Fleming's letter and the reply from Mr. Mulhern.

"Dear Brendan,

I have been contacted by the local residents of Church Street Castleisland and by cyclists and people in general that use this street on a daily basis driving through.

I realise that you carried out some remedial works some time ago, however the road is now again in a complete potholed state making it a safety hazard to anyone using the street.

Can you please respond as a matter of urgency as to what works can be carried out to alleviate the matter.

Thanking you for your assistance in this matter.


And Mr Mulhern's response?

"The potholes will be repaired this Friday 15th February.


Brendan Mulhern."


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