Popular modern therapy makes its way to Killarney wellness centre

It recently opened for business at 53 High Street Killarney, but now - aside from offering massage therapy, eyelash extensions, and use and retail of locally based Flourish Organics products - "Nua Wellness Centre" Killarney's centrepiece service, flotation therapy, is now up and running.

While living and working abroad, owner and founder Margaret Brosnan discovered flotation therapy, which she describes as the most effective way to soothe and heal the body. A tank contains 14 inches of water rich in high-grade Epsom salts, allowing the body to float on the water's surface while blocking out all external distractions.

"It benefits a wide range of ailments such as migraines, arthritis, anxiety, depression, and blood pressure problems, and it's also good for athletes as it eliminates lactic acid from muscles and speeds up the recovery process," she said.

"It's like being on the Dead Sea but the tank blocks out distractions. It's already popular in many countries abroad and, I'm excited to bring it to Killarney, where I know it will also be a hit."

The centre is open every day from 10am to 10pm bar Wednesdays and Sundays. On Sundays, it's open from 11am to 8pm, and Wednesday sessions are available on appointment. More information is available at nuawellness.ie.