Plump up those lips with the Paris look

Kate Winslet doing her thing for Lancome.
Kate Winslet doing her thing for Lancome.

PARIS is always a good idea - so said Audrey Hepburn and that is the same idea Lancome had, using the city of love as the inspiration for their new autumn collection.

Kate Winslet is the face of this new collection and she definitely has that 'je ne sais quoi'. She is chic, elegant and makes it all look effortless.

The stunning Parisian packaging is gold and black with the silhouette of the Eiffel Tower and black lace - ooh la la. The look is red lips, skilfully sculpted in vibrant colour, accompanied by the perfect manicure. Altogether there are six, rich radiant lip colours: the creamy formula is highly concentrated in pigment and has an active lip-plumping and moisture boosting ingredient called pro-xylane. The result is lips that stay moist, soft and supple for up to eight hours and it also has an SPF of 12 to protect and preserve. The shades are prune desir, caprice deco, champagne deco, coquette deco (to you and me a brown), a red, a plumb and a pink. Je taime their new blusher which has two light-infused colours - orange and pink and works for all skin tones. The orange is to sculpt, while the pink is to warm the top of the cheek bones.

The nails are vernis in love - well they say it is the city of love and their new chic black has pigments of intense plumb. Think Una Thurman in Pulp Fiction! Also there is black serpia, which is a brown and grey lumiere also known as slate grey. The look is very manicured and ultra glossy. This collection is available in shops now.

Head and Shoulders who are head and shoulders over the rest at the moment are bringing out two new tonics designed to target and treat the two biggest complaints of ageing hair, which are hair loss and hair thinning. So how do they work? Well both tonics are formulated with a triple active complex to give thicker fuller and stronger hair. The formula has two actions, it surrounds the hair shaft with a physical layer, which not only increases the thickness of the hair, but protects it against damage. Look out for these tonics , which will be hitting shops this week and cost €12.49.

A lot of photographers ask me about make up for TV and professional photography and recently I came across MUD at Flair Salon services at Manor retail and leisure park in Tralee, which is also open to the public as well as beauty therapists and hairdressers. MUD stands for make-up designory, it comes from Los Angeles and is the preferred product used in the harsh conditions of a remote film location to the bright lights of Broadway. When both thespians and make-up artists alike are happy with the results, it has to be a thumbs up. I love their long-lasting lipsticks and primers, for underneath makeup. Their air brushing make-up and their creamy foundation and also their award wining mascara, which comes in a tube making and is very reasonably priced. I also came across a great gadget for beauty therapists, called the hydra test, which tests the hydration level in your skin and it got my skin hydration levels bang on.


After years of gruelling and exhausting training, wearing out countless running shoes, enduring numerous blisters and clocking up thousands of miles on Irish roads, Robert Heffernan finally struck gold in Moscow to become Ireland's first World Race Walking Champion and one of an elite group of only three Irish athletes to gain gold at the world athletics championships.

Race walking up to 130KM for training each week, Rob shares how this level of intense preparation has taken its toll on his feet, causing significant problems along the way. A build-up of hard skin and callouses affected his gait and a few close shaves with razors and graters have almost hindered his performance. This year he was put in touch with MICRO Pedi Man, a hand held pedicure device designed especially for men to remove calloused and coarse skin. Rob was so impressed with the results that he has become the official ambassador for the brand.

Emroi Pedi kindly gave five testers a chance to have champion feet and all five said they loved the Micro Pedi and would recommend it to a friend. Here's what some of them had to say:

"The marvellous Micro Pedi - must be one of the best products on the market. I used mine in conjunction with Footner and the two together are a magic combination for less than pretty feet! It's also a great little device for anyone like me who is not keen on feet or having their feet touched by anyone else!

"Having received a fabulous, but time consuming, pedicure 'machine' some years ago I was slow to do a home pedi as it took so much effort. But Micro Pedi has changed my mind. Light, battery-operated and easy to use, even outdoors, this little machine is brilliant. Not at all gimmicky, it really does get results as you can use it every day without any fuss.

"At €50 it may seem a bit expensive but when you consider how easy it is to use and clean, not to mention its effectiveness and the savings on salon visits, it really is worth the investment. I have already recommended it to my friends."

Tester number 2 said after using micro pedi for a few weeks that "in my opinion it definitely does what it says on the box. It gently removes skin in a powder form and leaves the skin smooth. I personally feel it would keep me from visiting my local chiropodist as often as I would. I would say it is the best of what's out there in the market . Thanks for giving me the opportunity in testing this product."

This week up the award-winning hair salon Sean Taafe is offering 3 BTX hair conditioning treatments - which have been described in the business as botox for hair - and afterwards a follow-on blow-dry. Write to me at 9/10 Denny St., Tralee or email me at and join in Mary O Donnell Beauty on facebook where, every Thursday night from 9-10pm, there is a live Q&A on beauty topic.

* Next week what Estée Lauder is bringing to the table for autumn.


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