Our skin always needs some TLC

IN my house we are never without a pot of sudocrem, except we pronounce it sudocream, it is my recession hero. How do you pronounce it? Yes, we are not a Hyacinth Bucket yet.

It was first made in Dublin in 1931 and is now available in 42 countries, and is still manufactured in Baldoyle in Dublin. Cheryl Cole is a fan and says she uses it on spots and the reality TV show The Only Way Is Essex cast are also fans.

Pharmacy chain Superdrug has reported a 150 per cent increase in sales as it is a true recession beauty-buster. It has four main ingredients: the zinc oxide aids in the healing process; the benzyl cinnamate is anti-bacterial; lanolin softens and the benzyl alcohol is a local anaesthetic. Used in Irish homes for little sore bums for decades, minor cut and burns, sunburn, pesky spots and razor cuts and after wax. Where would we be without the white stuff?

Body wraps are all very in vogue for inch and cellulite loss at the moment, my D.I.Y. one for cellulite involves Nutella, coffee, and cling film.

I feel a MacGyver moment coming on, make a paste out of coffee granules and Nutella, apply liberally to thighs and wrap in clingfilm and leave for three hours. Unwrap to reveal smoother pins.

When life gives you lemons, make beauty recipes. Rich in vitamin C, lemon is one natural skin care ingredient present in almost beauty recipes, as a cleanser it can remove dead cells. Lemon halves are great to remove brown stains from nails, models have always used this trick as the amount of strong nail colors they need to wear.

Fake tan stains are lightened by lemon juice, and blonde locks are highlighted by it. Dark patches on neck are lightened by lemon juice and cucumber juice and a pinch of turmeric, apply for 20 mins and rinse and apply moisturiser. Petroleum jelly is great for dry lips and wonderful to make unruly brows stay in place,

Dermablend is a bestseller internationally for long-lasting camouflage cover foundation for minor and severe skin infections, it is recommended by doctors and dermatologists. It covers flaws whilst ensuring a flawless natural looking foundation. Dermablend holds up for 12 hours, it is water, perspiration and rub resistant.

I first came across Dermablend when I was doing my training and I have being recommending it ever since. It works on minor skin flaws - such as blemishes, uneven skin tone, hyper-pigmentation or dark circles - through to more severe conditions such as angioma, vitiligo, rosacea, post -operative scars and inflammatory scars.

Following one of the best summers we've seen, our skin is left reeling from excessive sun exposure and our bodies need a bit of TLC before being bundled back into dark and heavy clothing. The transition from bare legs to thick layers can wreak havoc on sensitive skin so before you reach into the back of your wardrobe and pull out your winter woollies, take the time to prepare your under most layer and ease sensitive skin into the new season with VOYA Softly Does It Body Moisturiser.

VOYA know and understand the perils of sensitive skin in the changeable Irish climate and have formulated the perfect product to provide parched bodies with intense hydration, restoring skin to its silky and supple self, whatever the season. VOYA Softly Does It Body Moisturiser contains a luxurious blend of skin softening and rejuvenating ingredients including wild Irish seaweed, shea butter, avocado oil and organic essential oils which blanket the body and absorb into skin leaving nothing but a soft dewy sheen and a light and lingering scent of sweet basil, lemon and clove.

Softly Does It is a rich and sumptuous body moisturiser from the world renowned VOYA spa and is suitable for all skin types, especially those suffering from sensitivity and visible signs of ageing.

Enjoy all the benefits of the sea, even after summer, with this marine based beauty treat and be body beautiful all winter long.

Method of Use: VOYA Softly Does It is best massaged into your skin after a shower or bath, or whenever your skin craves an indulgence!

Price: €30.00 for 200ml

FOLLOWING its hugely successful anti-ageing Collagen boosting skincare range, ASTALIFT is expanding into the foundation market with a unique concept combining Fujfilm's 70 year heritage in light and colour with the latest intelligent scientific formulas to hit the market.

New ASTALIFT Light Analyzing Moisture Foundation is designed to take makeup technology to the next level – merging ASTALIFT'S Collagen skincare expertise with colour. Created to recognise and reflect colour by warming up skin tones, delivering a smooth, natural complexion, regardless of time of day, light intensity or angle.

Working with your skin this new wonder product tackles daily challenges created by ever changing subtleties of light – taking us from morning, midday to nighttime in one expert application.

CH Chemist, Tralee, are having an exclusive launch of Dreamtone this Thursday night, with Pamela Moore and Jennifer Power. Dreamtone is a dark spot and skin tone corrector, doors open at 7pm. I have a dreamtone up for testing, so if dark spots are a concern for you email me.

Also, check out the Mary O'Donnell Facebook page. When we get to 2,000 likes on the page, Dromoland Castle are offering two complimentary royal Dromoland facials, which last for one hour and 25 minutes - it won facial of the year and Dromoland also won Spa Boutique of the Year recently.

Next week: Spa etiquette


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