New year, new you

As Nina Simone sang, it's a new dawn, it's a new day and it's a new life for me and I am feeling fine. This time of year we all have great intentions, so I put together some beauty suggestions.

Beauty therapists tell us to have a facial every six weeks, but realistically a facial with the change of season will see you having four by 2015. Facials have many benefits including increased circulation, a deep cleanse and it aids in shedding dead skin as well as being very relaxing.

Double your water intake and if you don't drink water now remember that one a day is better than none.

Take baby steps, after all it's just a beginning. As far as skin is concerned, drinking water is simply the best beauty tool for a clear complexion.

If excess hair growth is a problem, let 2014 be the year to sort it out. I know from emails it has a profound effect on confidence.

In the long term, laser treatment is a great solution - have a consultation and see how many treatments are suggested. Prices for laser treatment have dropped significantly with many places offering a payment plan so you can spread the cost.

Wear SPF, apply it regularly and never let your skin burn again - sunburn isn't worth it when there is so many fake tans on the market.

For a start put a little on your hands also as they really show your age if neglected. Think Madonna, who clearly forgot to mind this part of her anatomy.

Brows frame your face and if done propertly can be like a mini facelift - regular attention is what is required to achieve well groomed brows.

Every six weeks have a salon visit and if brows are sparse, HD brows could be your answer. Threading lasts for ages and gives a perfect finish. Use brow kits in between and you will always have the perfect look.

Exfoliation of face and body can be the difference from alright skin to flawless. Exfoliate face and body at least once a week. All your moisturisers, serums and masks will work better once this dead skin is gone.

Wear rubber gloves when doing housework and use cuticle oil every night to prevent hangnails. Have a little hand cream everywhere you are and get in the habit of applying daily as the hands are noticed as well as your face.

Use a good leave-in conditioner for your hair once a month and put a warm towel over it to make it more effective. Regular trims about every six weeks also helps. Make sure your diet includes plenty of fresh veg and fruit as this will reflect in the condition of your hair.

If you are not sure about the right foundation colour, ask the experts for the right shade. I would recomend to go without make-up so the beautician can see your own skin tone. Have two foundations - one for winter and one for summer and sometimes you can blend a little of both to achieve the perfect shade.

Ask yourself what are your skin concerns, and I bet you will have one main concern but you also a minor concern. Address both with a good serum, as this penetrates the skin deeper and thus you will get quicker and better results.

The above suggestions will all help get 2014 of to a good start.

A new treatment has come on the market to aid weight loss and toning and after all the Christmas indulgence this might be of interest.

It is called 'Lipofirm Plus' and it is medically and clinically certified, which gives it great clout.

Eight sessions, at 10-day intervals are recommended, but this depends on individual requirements.

The sessions take one and half hours for body and one hour for face and it is claimed that you can lose between 2-4 inches per session.

Claimed to be the credible alternative to liposuction, it can finally get rid of that area of fat you have found impossible to shift.

Or maybe you have lost a lot of weight and you need areas to be tightened. It can work on the arms, abdomen and thighs.

The ultrasound cavitations is a relatively new technique that converts fat into liquid that is then naturally eliminated from the body.

The ultra sound reduces fat cells in the chosen area. Along with the breakdown of fat it also uses radio frequency for skin tightening.

This procedure is painless and has no down time. It is a non invasive way of tightening loose or lax skin around the eyes, cheeks, jowls and also the area under the chin and neck.

The Sanctuary Medi Spa is where you can get this treatment, so call Mary O'Donoghue on 066 7185776 for a free consultation.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the companies , beauty salons and spa's for their support of this column, for providing products and treatments for the panel and I wish you continued success for the new year.

Readers and panel, I wish you all every joy and happiness for 2014 and thank you for the support in 2013. All that is left to say is have a beautiful new year!


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